Q1. I have changed the Moon Phase on PC software, but the Moon Phase on Main Unit is not following.
A. Moon Phase status does not synchronize between PC software and Main Unit for users to adjust base on their own preference.


Main Unit’s “Past 24 hours rainfall” value is different from the History Graph‘s sum of past 24-hr “Hourly Rainfall” on the PC software.

A. Main Unit’s value will reset on everyday’s 00:00, while the History Graph is showing the latest past 24-hr record.


I cannot see my data on my PC.






Make sure your main unit is connected to the PC.
Your PC might be in sleeping mode. Press any key on your PC to wake up. If this problem persists, unplug and then plug in the connection cable again, then wait for several minutes as it takes a while to receive data from the main unit. For a steady data collection, turn off the sleeping mode on your PC.
The PC software might be minimized to the taskbar. Right click the PC software icon and then select Open.

The time and date recorded on the PC software is different from the PC.

A. The PC software is capable of recording data despite the difference, but the time and date recorded follows the time and date set on the main unit. To make sure the time and date are the same on both devices, adjust the time and date manually on the main unit.


A pop up window appears when I open the exported excel file..

A. WMR89 PC software generates .xls file. It is compatible with the later Microsoft Office Excel versions.


Can I switch to the other programs when the PC software is opened?

A. Yes. You may switch to the other programs by clicking minimize button on the PC software window.


Why the max/min data of gusts and wind chill/temperature and humidity are different from those on the PC software?

A. The max/min data defines differently on the main unit and PC software. On the main unit bases only on the data stored since the last memory clear operation, whereas the PC software bases on the data in the past 24 hours stored in the data logger.


The background picture in the PC software doesn’t change after receiving the latest weather forecast.

A. The background changes the picture according to the weather forecast when you go to other pages in the software.