FAQ - Ultra-precision Professional Weather System (WMR300)

  • Hardware FAQ
  • PC software and related FAQ
Q1. I have other Oregon Scientific sensors. Can they work with “Ultra-precision Professional Weather System”?
A. “Ultra-precision Professional Weather System” is not compatible with other Oregon Scientific weather stations or sensors.

Q2. Can I connect the bundled wind, rain or temperature & humidity (thermo/hygro) sensor separately?
A. As wind, rain and temperature & humidity (thermo/hygro) sensors require transmitter box for data transmission, they cannot be used separately. However, you can place the Anemometer/ wind direction sensor away from the transmitter box with the 12m cable of the sensor. Also, separate transmitter & mounting parts for additional temperature & humidity (thermo/hygro) sensors will be available later.

Q3. How many sensors and which type of sensor can the “Ultra-precision Professional Weather System” support?
A. Ultra-precision Professional Weather System” can support 1 wind, 1 rain, and up to 8 temperature & humidity (thermo/hygro) sensors. In future, it will also support other new sensors (e.g. UV & Solar radiation) subsequent to upgrades in hardware & firmware later.

Q4. How can I connect other additional temperature & humidity (thermo/hygro) sensor?

To connect additional temperature & humidity (thermo/hygro) sensors, separate transmitter & mounting parts are required and they will be available later.

Q5. How can I extend transmission distance between the transmitter box / sensors and the console?
A. Transmission distance could be extended by using wire repeater, which will be available later. Each repeater can extend the distance by 300m / 984 feet and maximum 4 wireless repeaters can be used in a single route.

Q6. The wind cups are spinning on the anemometer but there are no wind speed readings on my display console. Why?
A. Make sure the wind cups and spinning are installed properly. Check if the wind cup has been tightly screwed. Also make sure the sensor cable is well plugged into the correct slot inside the transmitter. If needed, please re-connect the cable and reset the transmitter.

Q7. Even under heavy rain condition, there are no rainfall readings on my display console. Why?
A. Make sure that sensor cable is properly connected with your transmitter box. If needed, please re-connect the cable and reset the transmitter. Also, please be reminded to cut away the cable tie on the tipping bucket before you install the rain sensor.

Q8. When I connect the console to the PC, I cannot receive the sensor signal / RCC signal. Why?
A. It may be caused by interference generated from PC or other electronic devices nearby. Try to put the console a little bit away from PC & check if there is any electronic device nearby.

Q9. There are two USB ports on main unit, one of which should be connected with the Weather Sensor Receiver? How about the other one?
A. Weather Sensor Receiver can be connected to any one of the USB port. Another port will be used for future applications - gathering data from non-weather device, e.g. health data from blood pressure monitor, etc.

Q1. While I'm using Weather OS Pro with the USB connection, it loses communication with the PC software.
A. It may be caused by electrical interference from the USB port on your PC. Check if there is any other USB devices connected to the same PC and remove some of them, if necessary.

Q2. My computer cannot detect the WMR300 hardware, when I connect them with USB cable.

Disconnect all other USB devices.
- There may be a fault with either your USB port. Try to connect the USB to other USB port on your PC or use another USB cable.

Q3. I can't access the online help, software and firmware update.
A. Please check your PC and/or router’s firewall setting.

Q4. My software doesn’t show any weather data.
A. If the console LCD can show the data, please check your USB cable connection. If there is no data reading on the console, please check the sensor connection.

Q5. Can I display the software’s information in full screen?
A. PC software “Weather OS Pro” can just display in fixed windows size (1024 X 768), so it cannot display in full screen.

Q6. What is the system requirement for running Weather OS Pro?
A. Windows™ XP SP3 or later version

Q7. Can the PC software “Weather OS Pro” Mac OS?
A. Sorry, we do not have this software for Mac OS at the moment.