Pro Weather Range / Sensors

Sensors ———————————————————————————

PCR800 WGR800 THGR810 THGR800 THGN800 THWR800 UVN800

Rain sensor Wind sensor 3 channel 3 channel 10 channel 3 channel UV sensor
Thermo/hygro sensor Thermo/hygro sensor Thermo/hygro sensor pool sensor
Easy Set Up —————————————————————————

You should place your sensors and weather equipment where they will best address your specific concerns.
The following are some examples of how proper placement addresses user needs.

Is the wind direction good for sailing? Does my garden need protection from strong winds?
Answer: Place a wind meter (anemometer) on your rooftop or in your garden.

Is it too humid for an outing? Is it cold? Should I take a jacket? Answer: Place a temperature and humidity (thermo-hygro) sensor outside your house.

What level of sun block do I need? Answer: Place a UV sensor outside the house in sunlight.
Is my family as comfortable as possible? Is my wine being stored at the correct temperature? Answer: Place a temperature and humidity (thermo-hygro) sensor(s) inside your house in the area(s) you'd like to monitor.

How much rain fell last night? Answer: Place a rain gauge in your garden.

Will the water be good for swimming?
Answer: Place a pool thermometer inside the pool.