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Weather Centre (WMR200)
This professional weather station provides comprehensive weather information including: weather forecast, indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV measurement, rainfall amount, heat index, wind direction and speed, moon phase and more.
Sensor Panel Rain Gauge
Thermo hygro sensor Wind Sensor
  • Weather forecast with icons
  • Simple touch screen operation with backlight
  • Radio-controlled clock with calendar


  • Solar panel assisted wind and temp/ humidity sensors
  • Data logger (up to 291 days memory)
  • Long distance transmission 100m
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity with trend indicators
  • Weather forecast
  • Barometric pressure with bar graph
  • Rainfall reading with bar graph
  • Heat index, wind chill and dew-point temperature max & min memory
  • Enhanced mounting system
  • UV measurement (with optional UV sensor)
  • USB communications hub for PC download
  • Includes main unit, solar panel, wind sensor, rain bucket and thermo hygro sensor; compatible with protocol 3.0 sensors
  • Takes up to 10 thermo hygro sensors
  • Wind speed and direction with average/gust and min/max


Transmission Frequency: 433MHz
Outdoor Sensor Update Interval: 60 Seconds
Storage of Historical Data:

Daily Max/Min

(Baro/Rain/UV graph only)

Data Logger: Up to 14 months (Temperature, Humidity, Wind and Rain only)
PC Software: Weather OS
Console: Touch Screen
Console Firmware: Updateable
Sensor Connection: Separated sensor module
Sensor Transmission Sensors transmit signal to console individually wire and the latter