FAQ - Anywhere Weather Kits (LW301 / LW302)

  • Hardware and connection
  • IOS and Android app
  • Web interface
Q1. What is the system requirement?
A. Internet Connection Speed: 56K or above
Web Browser: IE 11, Firefox v.29, Chrome v.35, Safari 6.1 (or above)
Router setting : Wi-Fi/LAN router, set as DHCP server

Q2. How can I know whether the unit is functioning or not?
A. When the power cable is plugged, the first LED should be on.

When the power and lan cables are plugged, the first & the forth LEDs should be on.

Q3. Can I use the “Anywhere Weather Kit” with a Proxy server?
A. No you can’t. The main unit of "Anywhere Weather Kit” can’t edit the Proxy address.

Q4. I can’t see my station’s sensor data in my App even though the “Anywhere Weather Kit” main unit’s network LED keeps flashing and receiver LED is always on. Why?
A. First, please make sure your smart phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection is strong. Second, please make sure the LW301 main unit is connected to the router without proxy setting or any ISP’s DHCP / DLNA modem.

Q5. How many sensors can be connected with the “Anywhere Weather Kit”?
A. “Anywhere Weather Kit” can connect 1 wind sensor, 1 rain gauge sensor, 1 UV sensor and up to 8 temperature / humidity sensors.

Q6. I already have other Oregon Scientific sensors. Will they work with the “Anywhere Weather Kit”?

The “Anywhere Weather Kit” works with Oregon Scientific sensors with protocol 3.0, which is the same as our most recent professional weather station (WMR) series. For your convenience, the sensor options are listed below

  1. Temperature/Humidity sensor : THGN800/THGR800/THGR810/THGN801
  2. Rain sensor : PCR800
  3. Wind sensor : WGR800
  4. UV sensor : UVN800
  5. Pool thermo sensor : THWR800

Q7. What will happen if my internet connection is temporarily suspended?

The “Anywhere Weather Kit” reads weather sensor data continuously and uploads it to the Oregon Scientific online server for real-time storage. If for some reason you do lose internet connectivity with your “Anywhere Weather Kit” no information will be recorded or saved on the Oregon Scientific online server. Therefore, please make certain that your internet connection is kept stable for your Anywhere Weather Kit to continuously feed the live data to the Oregon Scientific online server.

Once your connection is restored, however, your sensor data should automatically resume transmissions to the server.

Q8. Why is my weather data taking a really long time to download?
A. The strength of your 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network connection could be a key factor affecting the loading time. Please make sure your network connection is strong.

Q9. How can I access my sensor data remotely?

We offer 3 solutions for remote access:

  1. iOS App is now available through the App Store for iOS devices. Search for “Anywhere Weather”.
  2. Android app is now available through Google Play Store for Android phone & tablet users called “Anywhere Weather”.
  3. We also offer a website interface for users to browse their weather data by using their PC/Mac. You can access this at http://www.osanywhereweather.com.

Q10. Can I use same account to login to the different platforms?
A. Yes, you should use the same account for both App and web interface to view your weather information.

Q11. Why are there two USB ports on the main unit?
A. The Weather Sensor Receiver should be connected to either USB port. The other port can be used for future applications – such as gathering data from a non-weather device, e.g. health data from a blood pressure monitor, etc.

Q1. What is the minimum operating system requirement for my Smartphone or tablet?

Anywhere Weather App is compatible with the Android v2.3.4 or later as well as iOS 5 or later version.

Q2. I cannot login successfully to the Anywhere Weather program. What should I do?

Please make sure your user name and password for the app are correct. The date and time on your smartphone/PC have to be synced to the Atomic time as well. To sync your Android or iOS time with Atomic time please do the following:

Android system: Settings > Date & time > selected the “Automatic date & time”

iOS system: Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn ON “Set Automatically”

Q3. Why does my smartphone show the message “the request timed out” or “network connection error, please check the internet settings”, when the App is resumed from sleep mode?
A. Some smartphones/tablets will disable the Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4G function during sleep mode and it may need several seconds to re-connect. Please make sure the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G has a strong connection to the internet. This can be tested by launching your internet browser and accessing your favorite website to check internet speeds and connectivity.

Q4. Why can I see data from all “Other Stations” but not my registered station?
A. This may result from connection problems between your specific “Anywhere Weather Station” and your internet router or incorrect connection settings. Please reset the main unit and try again.

Q5. I cannot register my “Anywhere Weather App”
A. The registration is a simple process that requires just some minor information to complete. Please make sure you use a valid E-mail address for registration. If you have not received an email confirmation, please check the email address again. You should receive an email from Oregon Scientific within a couple of minutes.

Q6. Where do I view my “Anywhere Weather Station” data?
A. You can view your data via smartphone/tablet App. Please register your “Anywhere Weather Station” in the App through your iOS device or Android device to view your data.

Q7. How can I register my station?
A. You can add a station by clicking the icon on the top of the home page

Q8. I want to buy 2 sets of “Anywhere Weather Kit” for monitoring my home and office’s weather information. Can I register multiple weather stations on the App?
A. Yes. You can add multiple stations via the same registration process. These will all be linked under one account.

Q9. Why does my weather data history line graph not show data at some points in time?
A. It could be due to temporary failure of your internet or sensor connection. Please check with your ISP for internet connection issues. Please also check the status of your sensors and make sure they are all transmitting and being received successfully by the Anywhere Weather main unit. A battery reset may need to be performed for the sensors to start communicating again.

Q10. Can my existing WMR Pro Weather Station sensors be viewed through my display AND be accessible through the Anywhere Weather App or do I need to purchase separate sensors?
A. Your existing WMR 3.0 protocol sensors will broadcast and can be received by multiple weather station displays including your “Anywhere Weather Kit” at the same time. You do not need to purchase additional sensors. However, having a display on hand will also help you make sure your sensors are transmitting properly without having to troubleshoot through your Anywhere Weather App.

Q11. How does the “Anywhere Weather Kit” get barometric values and weather forecast?
A. The Weather Sensor Receiver receives data from the wireless sensors which also uses a barometric sensor for monitoring/recording atmospheric pressure as well as making weather forecast based on that measurement.

Q12. After upgrading my APPLE device from iOS5 to iOS6, my registered weather station and the friends added in my community list are missing or the station and friends lists appear empty.
A. Try logging out of the application and login again. If that doesn’t work, try removing and re-installing the App to retrieve the registered stations and friend list. You’ll need to log back in, but your information is backed up regularly, so you won’t lose any data if you remove/delete the APP.

Q1. What is the website address or URL of the “Anywhere Weather Kit” website interface?
A. www.osanywhereweather.com

Q2. Which web browsers will support the “Anywhere Weather Kit” website interface?
A. You can use Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari to access the website interface. Other browsers may be compatible, but are not supported.

Q3. The “Anywhere Weather Kit” website interface doesn’t run smoothly on Internet Explorer 9. Why?
A. The web interface is built on HTML5 and can be browsed on Internet Explorer 9, but it is not a preferred browser due to HTML 5 and IE 9+ compatibility issues. Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher and Google Chrome browsers are preferred.

Q4. I can’t login to the “Anywhere Weather Kit” website interface. What should I do?

Please make sure your user name and password for the app are correct. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link.

The date and time on your PC have to be in sync with Atomic time. If you want to make sure your PC is set to Atomic time we suggest the following steps:

For Windows 8 users:
1. Click the Clock and click Change time and date settings…
2. Under the Internet Time tab, click Change Settings

3. Check Synchronize with an Internet time server. Set Server as time.windows.com and press Update now and then OK.

Q5. Can I use my iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or Android tablet’s web browser to access “Anywhere Weather Kit” web interface?
A. The “Anywhere Weather Kit” website interface is designed for PC and Mac only. Please use the Anywhere Weather Apps on your IOS and/or Android devices.

Q6. Can I register my “Anywhere Weather Kit” on the website interface?
A. Yes, you can register your “Anywhere Weather Kit” in the “station” section. You can also add additional stations in this section as well.

Q7. I can’t find the Map, Community and Notification functions in the website interface?
A. These functions were not offered at launch, but will be available soon.

Q8. How do I export my weather data in the website interface?
A. You can export the data in the tool > export data section.