Pro Weather Range / FAQ

Q1: You're always ready, rain or shine
The weather for the next 12-24 hours forecasted in easy-to-see and understandable icons:

*for some models only

Q2: Is the temperature comfortable for my family?
The temperature displays in either Celsius or Fahrenheit to tell you whether it is too hot or cold. A useful arrow icon tells you how the temperature will change.

Temperature trend indicator

Ensure maxium comfort for you and your family with a glance, simply by reading the temperature conditions in your home and adjusting your thermostat.

Q3: Barometric pressure in simple figures

The unit for barometric pressure is hPa, with the key pressure level at 1013 hPa. If the number displayed is lower than this, it is likely to rain. If the number is higher, it is likely to stay clear. It’s that simple. A bar graph also allows you to see the barometric pressure trend for the previous 24 hours. With this information, you can easily tell what weather is heading your way.

Q4: Do I need to water my plants?
Will it be too wet to go hiking?

You now have all the answers with rainfall information. There are four measurements for rainfall: millimeters (mm), millimeters per hour (mm/hr), inches (in) and inches per hour (in/hr). You can view the rainfall for the current hour, accumulated rainfall or the history for the past 24 hours.

Q5: Will I get burnt?

Too much sunlight can be harmful. With the UV index, you will know how much is the exposure and what type of sun block you will need. The index predicts UV intensity levels on a scale of 1 - 11 and above, from a low risk of overexposure to an extreme risk respectively.

Q6: Radio-controlled timing for reliability and accuracy

The Oregon Scientific logo indicates that the product features radio-controlled timing, and will synchronise its calendar and clock automatically. With it, your time will always be reassuringly accurate.