FAQ - BLE range (BAR218HG / RAR213HG / EMR211)

  1. Which smart devices does the app support?
    Please check smart device compatibility from the following webpage.

  2. I cannot connect my app with the main unit. What should I do?
    Reset the main unit and turn on the Bluetooth again. Then please follow pairing steps listed below:
    1) Enable pair up mode on main unit. The connection indicator will flash on LCD.
    2) Press pair up on the app.

  3. The data on the app is not consistent with that on the main unit. What should I do?
    Please update your app. Latest versions of app can be downloaded from Google Play & Apps Store.

  4. The main unit doesn’t show sensor data. Why?
    Since the main unit & sensor are susceptible to interference of electrical devices. Change the position of the main unit and sensor, and reconnect them.

  5. I found some data is missing on the historical chart. Why?
    This could be a result of external interference that affects the sensors’ reception.

  6. What are the additional features provided by the optional BTH sensor?
    The optional sensors are compatible with RAR213 and EMR211. It captures the following additional data which is viewable from the app. RAR213HG: 12hr+ Weather Forecast & Pressure, Outdoor temperature & humidity EMR211: Outdoor temperature, 12hr+ Weather Forecast & Pressure

  7. What is the temperature range the outdoor sensor can support?
    -20° to 60° C

  8. What is the transmission range?
    The maximum transmission ranges is 30 meters from the sensors to the main units and 50 meters from the main unit to the smart device.

  9. How many smart devices can the product connect with?
    The product can support multiple users. However, since Bluetooth is an one-to-one communication, it can connect with one smart device only each time. When a smart device retrieves the data and disconnects from the main unit automatically, another smart device can then connect with it and retrieve the data.

  10. How much data the main unit can store?
    The data logger can store 7 days of hourly weather data. On the 8th day, the unit will delete the oldest data of the 1st day automatically.